WP09 - Childhood Cancers

Leader: Gilles Vassal

Mission and Vision

Each year more than 15,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with leukaemia or malignant solid tumours in Europe. Up to 80% of them are cured with standard multidisciplinary care and current intensive treatments that have been developed and prospectively validated by the paediatric oncology community during the last 40 years. 40% of survivors experience long-term side-effects which may be severe and impact their daily life. More than 250,000 European citizens are survivors of a paediatric malignancy. However, 6,000 patients die of cancer each year and cancer remains the first cause of death by disease in Europe in children older than 1 year.

Through the integration of research, care and education, SIOPE and the European community of health professionals address the two goals of the next decade: to increase the cure rate and the quality of cure of children with cancer. This will be achieved through:

  • Strong and integrated research programmes from basic science to clinical research;
  • Improved access to standard care and expertise across Europe;
  • Training and education of all health professionals taking care of children and adolescents with cancer.

The mission of SIOPE is to ensure the best possible care and outcome for all children and young people with cancer in Europe: to achieve this goal, our Society addresses the main challenges faced by European paediatric oncology professionals through a multidisciplinary and pan-European perspective.

Society Description

The European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe or SIOPE) is the only pan-European organisation representing all professionals working in the field of childhood cancers. With more than 1,600 members across 34 European countries, today SIOPE is leading the way to ensure the best possible care and outcomes for all children and adolescents with cancer in Europe.

Areas of activity

  • Research: aiming to facilitate the development of new drugs and treatments for children and adolescents with cancer, SIOPE supports paediatric oncology clinical trials, serving as a common European platform for best practice exchange in clinical research.
  • Care: standards of care in paediatric oncology can differ substantially from country to country. SIOPE addresses the relevant organisational aspects to improve the quality-of-care of children with cancer.
  • Education and Training: SIOPE is a hub for paediatric oncologists, health professionals and parent/patient advocates willing to keep themselves updated about education and training opportunities in Europe.
  • EU advocacy: to ensure that paediatric oncology remains at the top of the EU health and research policy agenda, effective, evidence-based policy activates must be carried out sharply and firmly. SIOPE monitors and acts to shape EU legislation and policies having important impact on the paediatric oncology community.

Structure at a glance

  • General Assembly: General Assembly of SIOPE is the supreme governing body of our Society. It is composed by all SIOPE Members and it meets at least once a year.
  • Board: the members of the Board oversee the work of SIOPE and are elected by the General Assembly.  It is composed of:
  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Chair and vice-Chair of the European Clinical Research Council for paediatric oncology (ECRC)
  • Office Staff of SIOPE. It is headed by a Secretary General and based in Brussels. 


SIOPE was established in 1998 as the European branch of SIOP (International Society of Paediatric Oncology). In 2007, following the revision of its Statute, SIOPE becomes an independent organisation, with a permanent Secretariat in Brussels and a professional structure. In the same year, SIOPE joined forces with ESSO, EACR, ESMO, ESTRO and EONS and founded the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO).

2009 represents a fundamental step stone for the new SIOPE: under the guidance of the then President Prof. Ladenstein, SIOPE succeeded in obtaining an EU-funded grant for the creation of ENCCA, a European Network for Cancer research in Children and Adolescents which comprises 34 influential European research institutes dedicated to improving the treatment of children and adolescents with cancer. Since then, SIOPE got involved in other outstanding EU projects, like PanCareSurFup and the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer.

In 2012, SIOPE entertained a second major restructuring, implementing a new membership modelm which opens its membership to members of the national paediatric haemato-oncology societies in Europe. Currently, SIOPE is legally established under Belgian law as an Association Sans But de Lucre (A.S.B.L.). SIOPE’s activities are financed through the membership fee of its members and through EU funds.


SIOPE is member of:

  • ECCO, the European CanCer Organisation - Founding Member
  • SIOP, the International Society for Paediatric Oncology - European Branch
  • EURORDIS, the European Organisation for Rare Diseases
  • Rare Cancers Europe
  • EFGCP, the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice


E-mail: office@siope.eu

Tel: +32 2 775 02 12