WP06 - Clinical practice guidelines

Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft e. V. (German Cancer Society)

Leader : Peter HOHENBERGER






  1. to map available clinical practice guidelines at the European level on all families of rare cancers and identify gaps;
  2. to provide a quality evaluation of existing clinical practice guidelines for rare cancer subtypes
  3. to identify open issues about implementation of clinical practice guidelines at the local level
  4. to work out solutions on how to incorporate clinical practice guidelines within ERNs


Participant description: The Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft (German Cancer Society) is the largest scientific society in oncology in German-speaking countries. It includes 16 regional cancer societies (section A), more than 7,700 individual scientific members organized in 24 working groups (section B), and 34 sponsors from research-based pharmaceutical industries, scientific publishers and health insurances (section C). The German Cancer Society is committed to cancer care based on evidence-based medicine and interdisciplinarity. High quality of oncological care is attained through certification of centers of oncological care, development of evidence-based, independent treatment guidelines and patient guidance, knowledge development and knowledge transfer in oncology and provision of reliable patient information. The German Cancer Society is the co-founder of the German National Cancer Plan, which was launched in 2008 by the Federal Ministry of Health, and represents the Federal Republic of Germany in international organizations such as the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) and the European Union.

The Division of Surgical Oncology and Thoracic Surgery at Mannheim University Medical Centre, University of Heidelberg (SCO&TCH) has its main focus in the treatment of multidisciplinary cancer scenarios in the field of some specific rare cancers. It functions as a promotor for patient advocacy initiatives and contributed to the development of guidelines. SCO&TCH hosts the study centre of the German Interdisciplinary Sarcoma Group (GISG) and is one of the main drivers for providing access to advanced and multidisciplinary cancer care.

Key staff of the participant: A surgical oncologist with a long-lasting and recognised track in the field of sarcoma, rare GI cancers and skin cancer as well as thoracic tumors (thymus). His focus is on developing guidelines for malignancies like STS, bone sarcoma and GIST at ESMO level as well as melanoma. A person with an enduring experience in project manager with an academic profile and with a big experience across the different disciplines in health care. A clinical research assistant experienced in processing and analyzing patient data.

WP6 Team

Vlada Kogosov Tresor Sungu - Winkler
Vlada Kogosov Tresor Sungu Winkler