WP03 - Evaluation

Leader: Dr Sakari Karjalainen, Secretary General, Cancer Society of Finland (official name: Suomen Syöpäyhdistys ry)

The Cancer Society of Finland (CSF) is the largest patient and public health organisation in Finland. It is also an internationally acknowledged expert organization on cancer control. The CSF was founded in 1936 and consists of 12 regional cancer societies and six national patient organisations. The CSF is a charitable organization and the main private funder of cancer research in the country. The CSF is running, on behalf of the government, a nationwide population-based cancer registry and a research institute of cancer epidemiology.





Description of the work

  •  Main task is to verify if the project is being implemented as planned and are the objectives of the project reached.
  •  Evaluation is focused on project implementation and considering the quality of project’s deliverables.
  •  The evaluation is based on process, output and outcome indicators for each WP.
  •  Tools of evaluation are satisfaction questionnaires about project’s meetings and workshops as well as satisfaction questionnaires for web-site users.